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Anti-icing and snow-free lots, roads, and walkways.

Our crews regularly service shopping centers, neighborhoods, hotels, schools, hospitals, and municipalities throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.

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Certified Snow Professionals

De-icing Services

Preparation is essential. We use an environmentally friendly de-icing agent that’s effective at temperatures as low as -25°F – we don’t mess around when it comes to safety.

Snow Plowing Services

Accumulating snow throughout your parking lot can be a big liability if left alone. Never mind the inconvenience for visitors. Whether it’s a mall, school, neighborhood, or otherwise, we’ll keep it clear!

Sidewalk Clearing

Clear sidewalks and ramps aren’t just nice to have. They’re a necessity. We have crews dedicated strictly to clearing entry ways, wheelchair ramps, and sidewalks.

Site Engineering

Creating a snow site engineering plan for your property will identify what areas need the most attention and where to store snow as it’s plowed. We come prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does snow and ice management work?

The worst thing that can happen with snow and ice is being too late for adequate treatment. We’re big on being proactive. 

We’ll do a full assessment of your property and when we have a management contract together, our team will actively monitor storms and prepare routes as the weather unfolds. We have different options for priority levels and can talk through those details during our initial assessment of your site.

Do you offer flat rates or hourly billing?

Our management contracts are billed at a flat rate. This means you’ll always know your costs, and it incentivizes our team to finish jobs efficiently. Most importantly, we don’t enter contracts lightly; we’re seeking long-term partnerships. Flat rates set that stage.

Friendly word of advice: if a contractor is offering hourly billing, it might seem like a great deal when considering only their hourly rate. But these contractors may be new to the industry. They may not be bringing the proper equipment or experience level that’s needed to take on large commercial jobs.

How quickly do you arrive when treatment is needed?

Of course, we can’t be everywhere at once. When we do our initial assessment and agree on a management plan with you, we can discuss options for priority levels. We strive to get to all of our customers in a timely fashion and safety is top of mind, always.

Get in touch, let us know how we can help, and we'll prep a quote.