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The LawnPro was established in 1994. Over the past twenty-four years we have expanded our services to include landscape and year round grounds management. We strive to build lasting relationships with honesty, commitment and professional service. This is true not only with our clients, but also with our employees and suppliers. We believe in providing superior service at competitive rates. We always work within your budget to create beautiful, sustainable grounds.

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Mike Mason, CSP
Vice President / C.O.O.

Mike started with The LawnPro in 1995 after earning his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Louisville. He learned landscape management from the ground up, and in 2000, became Chief Operations Officer. He is licensed by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture, and is a Certified Snow Professional (CSP). Mike’s favorite parts of the business are building strong commercial relationships, and working outdoors.

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Sean O'Bryan,
Operations Manager

From working at a local nursery in high school to operating his own lawn and landscape company, Sean’s passion for his craft shows in his dedication to the industry. Sean joined The LawnPro in 2009, and his knowledge and experience make him an essential member of our team and a great asset to our customers.


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In cases where turf is too poor to salvage, The LawnPro can transform it by completely reseeding. Within just a few weeks, your property will become a source of pride.

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Six times per season, at critical stages in the growing season, The LawnPro treats your turf with the finest nutrients and weed control products. We consider appropriate moisture content, and time applications, to achieve the maximum benefit from each treatment.

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A Grounds Management Package from The LawnPro including trimming, edging, irrigation, fertilization and mowing can be an economical way to keep your property in a continuous state of well-groomed appeal.

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Many people, even professionals, water too much or too little, and at the wrong times.The LawnPro can regulate your irrigation system to ensure your grounds receive the right amount of moisture. We adjust the system throughout the growing season to compensate for wetter or drier periods.

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A landscape from The LawnPro is designed to look beautiful for years with minimal maintenance. Call for a free analysis of possibilities for your home or commercial property.

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Keeping traffic areas free of slippery surfaces minimizes your risk. The LawnPro uses a long-lasting, environment-friendly de-icing agent effective to -25°F. Your parking areas and walkways will be clear when they are needed, facilitating safe traffic flow.

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Through regular, systematic weed-control applications, we make sure your turf retains a uniform, lush appearance.


“In the ten-plus years that I’ve worked with The LawnPro, their knowledge and vision has been an asset to our organization. Courtesy, hard work, and prompt attention to our needs seems to be their way. It’s nice to have people on your team who appreciate the value of quality service.”

Steve Sparks
Facilities Manager

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